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NEW! December 2013


New items:
• Option to remove logo and carousel on subpages - more
• Additional site color options - button colors - more
• New Finish Page layout - sharing on Social Media - more
• Layout & icon sets features - more
• Feature list icons - more
• Site SEO upgrades - more

• Feature layout enhancements - Options and Tools - more


August 2013:

New items:
• Food Service Menu Feature - more
• Logo Carousels - more
• New WYSIWYG Editor - more
• Drag and Drop within features - more
• Additional Third party analytics provider - more
• Site Images - more
• 'Keep Me Informed' feature renamed to 'Contact Us'

• Video Feature - Vimeo video support in addition to YouTube - more more
• Forms - add multiple recipients - Site owners can now add multiple recipient email addresses to all forms. Each email address needs to be separated by a comma. Form submissions will be sent to all of the email addresses that have been added.

• Site Navigation - more
• Find Us Feature - more
• Show nearest location [Geolocation] - more
• Enlarged location map and link to Google maps - more
• Additional text field for directions - more
• Image Gallery - automatically pull in images from - more
• Site Analytics - more
• Site SEO - Currently if you add a ‘Site Title’ to your mobile site we add this to the ‘Title tag’ in the source of your mobile site to assist with SEO. Because adding a ‘Site Title’ is optional, we have added an additional field to the SEO feature which allows you to add a title tag to your site without the need to display the title on the site itself.
• Twitter - pull in tweets by hashtag - We have expanded the functionality of the Twitter feature so that site owners can now display tweets from a particular hashtag instead of all tweets from the twitter account. Just enter the hastag in the field in the Twitter feature and all tweets will be pulled into the mobile site, e.g. #NFL.
• Desktop/mobile redirection code - more


Added items:

- Linked In added to sharing options - more info

- Find Us mapping improvements - more info

- Adding 3rd party code - more info   

- Cookies - more info

- Features renamed - The ‘Create Page’ and ‘Create Link’ features have been renamed to ‘Add Page’ and ‘Add Link’


Realeased, Dec/2012, new features and enhancements:


Added items:

- Creating Subpages - more info  

- New Site Navigation Menu bar - more info

- Google + Feature - more info

- Google + sharing - more info

- Google Adwords tracking - more info

- Hiding features from the Home page of the site - more info   

- ‘Widgets’ - more info

- EU Cookie regulations - more info

- 24 hour time format - more info

- Redeemable Coupon tracking - If you added redeemable coupons to your site you can track how many of them have been redeemed. Go to the ‘Redeem Options’ of the coupon on the Control Panel and you will see the number of people that have redeemed that specific coupon.


Added Enhancements:

- Additional Ad Platforms providers and ad placement options - more info

- Site façade - more info

- WYSIWYG Editor enhancements - more info

- Helppage - more info

- Site Color - more info


Previous Releases:

Features :

- Mobile eCommerce - add up to 16 products, use PayPal or Google Checkout - more info

- Custom form - more info

- New design templates - more info

- New icon sets - more info

- Expanded video feature - more info

- Reviews / Testimonial Feature - more info

- Redirection code generator - more info

- New Site Templates - 32 new click-and-go templates + more design flexibility - more info

- Redeemable Coupons - more info

- Background Images; make your design truly custom - more info

- Multiple Click-to-Call Features - more info

- Custom Site Footers - more info

- British English (and more new languages to come this year) - more info



- Enhanced QR Code - more info

- Site description text now only on front screen

- Additional site color options - more info

- 'Click to Call' now on all site headers

- Maps displayed for all locations with improved directions - more info

- Calendar selector added to date formats - more info     

- WYSIWYG editor improved - ability to add images, links and customize text - more info

- Additional Time-zones

- Opening Hours - more flexibility - more info

- Additional Site Color options - more info

- Redirection Code - Tablets! - more info

- Shopping Cart Products + Comments - more info

- Control Panel Enhancements - more info

- New Help Features + new Feature Capacities - more info