You can now create subpages and add them to any page /feature that has a WYSIWYG Editor.


Step 1 - you must have the feature/page activated and added to the site

Step 2 - Optional - you can hide the feature from the site navigation via the ‘Advanced Options’ area of the feature,

Step 3 - Just click on the ‘link’ option in the WYSIWYG editor of the page/feature you want to add a subpage to and select the feature/page from the ‘Internal Links’ drop down list. A link to this page will be automatically inserted. Only activated features will appear in this drop down list. You can add as many as you like.

• To add a subpage to a feature, select the text, image or object on the page that you want to add the link to and click on the ‘link’ icon on WYSIWYG editor and select the feature/page from the Internal links drop down list [See image 1 & 2 below].
• Click on the ‘External Links’ tab to add a link to an external site

• If you do not want the subpage to be accessible from the main site navigation go to go to the ‘Advanced
Options’ area of that feature and unselect the ‘Display in site navigation’ checkbox [see image 1 & 2 above]


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