With over 500 different icons to choose from you have plenty of ways to create a unique mobile web site.


NEW! Now you can use your own custom icons. Take advantage of the icons provided or download icons from the web or create your own - here's how:


To use a custom icon for any mobile site Feature, just follow these simple steps:

Within the selected Feature, click on "Advanced Options"
Under "Change Icon", select the "Choose" button
On the next screen you can either choose a different pre-made graphic, or select the "Upload New Icon" button
Upload your icon graphic and save - that's it!
Note: Icons must be 128 by 128 pixels and in .png format with a transparent background. Any image editor tool (even MS Paint) can create images to meet these requirements, or you can also use an online image tool like http://pixlr.com/


Just added - 7 new icon sets: