Additional Ad Platforms providers have been added to the Control Panel, helping site owners increase revenue by placing more mobile ad’s on their site. In addition to Google AdSense, users can also add ads from Mojiva, Smaato and Adfonic Ad platform providers by inserting the relevant ad platform ID. We have added an ‘Additional Options’ area within the Ads feature so you can chose where you want the ads to appear on your site; on the Home page and/or subpages of the site, on the top, bottom etc.

• Feature has been renamed from ‘Google Ads’ to ‘Ads’

• Select from the drop down list to select Ad platforms [Image 1]

• Ad platform providers include: Google Adsense, Mojiva, Smaato and Adfonic

• Option to display ads on the Home page or just on the subpages of the site [Image 3]

• Option to position the Ad on the site
     o Abovetheheader,

     o Belowthefooter,

     o Abovethepagecontent,

     o Belowthepagecontent
• Ad position on the site is global [you cannot have different positions on the homepage and subpages]

• Ads will not appear in the preview in the Control Panel

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