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Your customers and site visitors are mobile - are you?

There are 4 billion mobile phones in active use worldwide: 4 times more than PCs. In 2010, mobile web usage increased 148% globally (Source: Quantcast) and the numbers continue to rise. In fact, by the end of 2013, customers using the mobile web are projected to grow to over 5 billion. Your customers are already looking for you on their mobile phones; shopping, seeking, comparing. This is a huge opportunity for your business you don't want to miss. If your business is not on the mobile web, a significant number of your customers won't be able to find you!

How is a mobile web site different than a main or full site?

Mobile websites exploit the special characteristics of mobile phones and mobile users to provide the best possible experience. Besides adapting to the smaller screen of a mobile phone, they are also easier to navigate using touch and provide more direct access to the information that customers need while on the go. A made-for-mobile website helps your visitors quickly become customers with content and a design suited to the mobile context. For example, customers can use the unique features of the mobile phone to contact you such as the "call us" feature, where with one touch they call your business and the "find us" feature, which provides access to an interactive Google map showing your business address and allowing the customer to obtain directions from their present location to your business.

Will this replace my desktop site, or be in addition to my desktop site?

A mobile site extends the reach of your business to the mobile web, allowing you to provide your mobile visitors a fast and easy way to learn about your business and contact you with one click. While your existing web site is aimed at giving a full and comprehensive picture of your business, a mobile site allows you to deliver immediate access to what matters most when on the go. The two sites are complimentary and work together to make sure your customers are getting the most appropriate experience for their context and their device.

How will people actually get to my mobile site?

There are four ways by which users can reach your site:

  • Detect/redirect. We provide a custom script that, when placed in your main site home page, detects mobile visitors, and redirects them automatically to the mobile site. It's simple, effective, and convenient.
  • Promote the site to your customers. For example, using one of the mobile features you can send links via text message to your customers' mobile phones so they always have your information in hand. Or use the integrated QR code feature to create a custom QR code or brochure that you can use in any marketing effort you manage.
  • The third way is via search. Users on mobile devices increasingly see mobile sites returned in search results, so a mobile site will increase your business visibility to mobile users.
  • Fourth, you can add a link on your main website to your mobile site. This will help increase awareness that the mobile site is available.

Is your site ready? Mobile statistics in a nutshell:

  1. Mobile subscribers are growing rapidly. There will be 5.8 billion mobile subscribers worldwide by 2013 (Portio Research)
  2. Strongest growth is in smartphone sales (Gartner)
  3. Mobile data is expected to balloon: web use will be bigger than voice by 2012 (Pyramid Research)


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