To improve usability, we have separated the content of the ‘Advanced Options’ of each feature into separate ‘Options’ and ‘Tools’ tabs within each feature. The tabbed approach enables users to easily transition between the main feature functionality and the additional options/tools easily. These tabs are located on the top right hand side of each feature.
• The ‘Options’ and ‘Tools’ tabs are only visible when the feature is opened

• On certain features, such as Call Us, Site Translation and Legal, the ‘Tools’ tab will not be displayed


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The ‘Options’ tab contains:

• Feature name = Change the feature name

• Position = Changing the position on the home page of the site

• Display in site navigation = options to include the feature in the site navigation [uncheck to create a

• Icon = change the icon of feature site facade [if an icon has been added]

• Share content = adds sharing options to the page on the site [does not apply to all features e.g. Call us, Site Translation, Legal]
• Note: additional options may apply depending on the feature


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The ‘Tools’ tab contains [may vary based on feature functionality]:

• Keywords = Keywords to assist with SEO

• Desktop page = URL of the corresponding desktop for page to page redirection

• Google AdWords = For Google AdWord campaigns



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