Layout feature:

You can customize the home page of your site regardless of which template has been applied. In the ‘Layout’ feature you can mix and match different head and body layouts and add/remove the menu navigation bar applied to the site. Settings applied to the site are highlighted in red.


nav menu 1 get go mobi

Icon Sets feature:
You can now apply/remove icons to your site regardless of the Template or body configurations previously applied. To add or remove an icon set, simply enable/ disable the ‘Show Icons’ checkbox under the Icon sets displayed. For templates or layouts that have an ‘icon grid’ layout applied the option to remove icons will be deactivated.


subpages getgomobi

Design Tab:
For ease of use we have separated the layout configurations and Icon sets functionality from the Templates feature into separate features. The Layout and Icons Sets features will be listed under the Templates feature in the design tab..


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