We are further enhancing our redirection service to deliver a richer experience to site visitors. When a mobile user visits a customer’s desktop site, they will be redirect to a mobile version of the page they wanted to view i.e. the About page on the desktop site will redirect to the About page on the mobile site. This functionality will be enabled when users are redirected from the domain used by the Full Website feature and will by default return a copy of the desktop page that has been optimized for mobile. The customer can further enhance the users experience by associating one of the mobile's mobile specific features with a page from their desktop site e.g. by adding example.com/directions to the advanced section of the 'Find Us' feature.
This functionality will be automatically available to all customers that currently use our Wordpress & Drupal modules and our JavaScript redirection code. Other customer must upgrade their PHP/ASP/JSP/htAccess redirection code to enable the new functionality; the latest redirection code is available from the Tools tab of the Control Panel.


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