Site owners can add a menu to the mobile site. They can create a custom menu or pull in the content from a menu that is already online using Users who do not have their menu listed with will have the option to signup free online.

- Site owners can also add a link to the Booking request feature so that site visitors can make a reservation directly from the menu.

- Build your own menu

There are three preformatted categories [appetizers,maincourses,anddeserts] to act as prompt for the site owner. These can be renamed or removed completely by clicking on the ‘pencil’ icon or the red ‘x’ icons [‘Are you sure you want to delete this’ message is displayed if category is deleted]

Additional categories can be added as needed

Option to display a currency symbol if adding prices.

All categories can be reordered using drag and drop within the feature panel


Editing a category:
- Option to rename category

- Option to add prices

- You can add a name, description and price to each item added

- Additional items can be added to a category as needed

Menu items on façade can be collapsed by category heading on the site façade


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