This is the first phase of Drag & Drop that we have added to the Control Panel. Site owners can now drag and drop within features that have multiple items to re-order the content instead of having to remove the items and re-add them in the order they want them to appear. The re-ordering will automatically be reflected on the site preview and facade. In a future release we will be expanding our drag & drop functionality to the site preview.
The following features have drag and drop functionality added to the feature panel.

• Image Gallery - reorder images when creating a custom image gallery

• Shopping Cart [Products] - reorder items added to the shopping cart

• Forms - reorder form fields within a form
• Find Us - when multiple locations are added

• Videos feature - when multiples video are added to one page

• Coupons feature - when multiple coupons are added to one page
• Menu feature - reorder menu categories


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